Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Angel and small Winter time Table Runner

This is a sweet angel and a colorful little table runner for the Christmas holidays. The body of the angel is filled with beans and fiber fill and I used some cotton fabric that is a design of tan and brown. The head of the angel is a tan felt; which I have painted the face on using acrylic paints, there is some beans and fiber fill in the head.

The yard is a dark red bumbles yard which I have sewn into the head of the angel. The wings are a cotton Christmas fabric and are filled with fiber fill. The runner is made from red felt and I have sewn chalkboard fabric into each end of the runner; painting with acrylics a snow scene on each end. This Holiday angel and table runner will make a great gift idea or just to have and set on a coffee table or end table. You can find it here in my Esty store to purchase just click on the link:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Griddles the 14 inch Loving Polar Bear, a stuffed plush animal bear

The pattern for the bear is my own design, I sat down and just began drawing out an idea for a small polar bear.

The fabric I found in a scrap bin in Joann's fabric store; if you are a fabric lover then you know just how fun the scrap bin can be as scraps of fabrics can be anything you want them to be and in this case I saw a polar bear.

He is filled with fiber fill and has black buttons and nose sewn by hand into the bear using a quilting thread, the reason I like the thread is it is strong and will hold up better than just a simple cotton thread.

I added some powder blush to his cheeks and a of glitter glue to his arm that states "love" the glitter glue is a dark pink in color, a rose colored glitter glue and the bow around his neck is a dark rose colored bow. You can find him here for purchasing

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily

A very Happy Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a bit to share this message with you all!
I am so very Thankful, I am working to do as this video speaks of; living with Thanksgiving in my heart all year around and during my mortal life here.
I hope that you all will have a blessed Thanksgiving and may each of your homes be filled with love and family!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Ginger Bread 15 inch cloth doll and Christmas Ornament

I have just finished up this sweet 15 inch ginger bread doll with a Christmas Ornament. The doll is made from a tan felt and filled with fiber fill and I did a rick rack stitch around the arms and legs of the doll. I have also used acrylic paints for a bit of the mouth and lashes on the doll with also adding black buttons for eyes.

The out fit is Christmas cotton fabrics and she is also wearing bloomers and I have done a bit of soft sculpting by adding a belly button to her that is not seen in the photo, but there is a bit of soft sculpting for the mouth and cheeks for the doll.

The last things to this doll is the gold ribbon that I added to her head and dress. I also made a cute Christmas ornament to go with her that I made with pre-wooden figures, a bear and bulb. I decoupaged the bulb and paint snow and trees on it; the bear is painted with acrylics and stained to look old. I also added gold ribbon to the little bear so the set is complete and matching.
I will be adding her to the art fire store here
I plan on making a few more of these sweet dolls and adding them shortly the price will be 20.00 dollars.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Talking about The Sock to Me Red headed 15 rag cloth doll

Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to all those now serving and have served, such as my wonderful husband, his sister, their father, my grandfather and many of my uncles love you all.
Now about the doll; I made her with the idea of looking aged but when I found this orange red yard I decided not to stain that part of the doll I wanted her to sock it to ya with that hair. I made the body from muslin and stained it with my stain and baked the body in the oven at 200 degrees. I did the same with the cotton clothing. I just had to mis-match the eyes and use black cotton floss for the nose and I hand embroidered the nose. There is also some nice stitch designs on the shirt and the skirt of the dress, I think she is one of my most favorite dolls that I created.
I am having some issues with the pages so I had to take them down from now on I think I will just direct you to a link where you can purchase my items. So the this sweet doll can be found here

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Painting, rock art and finally a Rock Cottage

One of my favorite things to do in crating is making these cute rock art or painted art rocks into cute little cottages. I love using acrylic paints for this and a good sealer. I don't draw use use any patterns for the rocks I just sit and think and start painting what I want the little cottage to look like, each one comes out so different, anyway that's what I think, I will add things to the windows, such as a cat, dog, ghost, person, birds, spider webs and spiders those are my favorite.
In this one I have added a spider floating down from the web and there is a doted crow sitting in a nest, I wonder what will hatch out?
I love the acrylic paint because it goes on very smoothly and is easy to work with, the sealer is a brush on and I like or prefer the brush on better that a spray, I get a more even seal using a brush on. I also wash the rocks and use just a bit of sand paper on the rocks to prepare them for painting and then I begin to paint free hand.
The little cottages can be used for decor or to hold a door open or as an old fashioned paper weight.
I have a little trade mark or identifying way to show its one of my creations and that it comes from Oregon and that is the address above the door!
I will be adding this one here and at my art fire store in the next few days, I love creating these rock painted cottages they are just lots of fun.

Monday, November 1, 2010

16 inch Crazy but Simple Cat stuffed plush animal

A While back about a year ago I had some really neat fleece that I purchased at Joann's; the fleece was brown with a design in the fabric which looks like some type of cotton thread or felt. I had been thinking about what to make out of this fleece? Then the idea came to me...
I decided to design a wild looking cat, so the pattern is my own design I wanted the pattern to be as wild as the fleece I had bought so I exaggerated the body of the cat and the ears. The cat is fill with fiber fill and has blues button eyes which I sewed in by hand and a blue nose that I hand sewed in with cotton floss and finally there is a dark blue organza ribbon tied around his neck, I also added a few whiskers using off white quilting thread. This crazy cat is meant for us older ones who have a heart like a kid and for children 7-12
You can find him here to purchase

Thursday, October 28, 2010

24 inch Etta The Little Want to be Witch rag cloth doll

Etta is a 24 inch rag cloth doll who is learning to become a witch; I created Etta last year and I have talked about her in my other blog. But I just can't help talking about her again as she is one of my favorite dolls.
The body of the doll is a muslin fabric and I stained it with a dark wood stain and filled her with fiber fill. The clothing is cotton Halloween fabrics, Halloween flannel, and brown felt; The hair is a black craft yarn and has been sewn into her head, I have given her 2 black buttons for eyes but I made sure that I miss sized them for a better facial feature that gives her lots of personality. The other facial features are done by hand and using a black embroidery floss. Finally I added a cute cat button to the top and some very pretty black stain ribbon to the waist. I know she will bring a Happy and ghoulish Halloween this year! I will be adding her to my esty store in a day or two.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Kat Tales, a 26 inch rag cloth doll witch

Miss Kat Tales is a doll I created last year for my store, she is 26 inches long. I have created her out of various craft fabrics, those being Halloween craft fabrics, black fleece, some great orange plaid fabric, some of her body was made from craft velour, basically the head and arms.
The head, arms and shoes are filled with fiber fill and the hair is a orange doll hair and is braided and knotted, then sewn into the head of the doll using a good quilting thread. The eyes are green safety cat eyes (this is why I named her Miss Kat Tales) The mouth is a red heart shaped button, I wanted to give a look like she is puckering up for a big kiss and I have hand sewn the button to her face. I wanted to kind give the look she is an ugly and messy looking gal that could be a actual witch! I did sew a pumpkin button onto the fleece looking shawl and cut the strips and add black cording for shoe strings to the boots she is wearing. I also just love the over sized nose I gave her, she was lots of fun to make for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

14 inch Crazed Black Halloween Cat, a stuffed plush animal

I created this Crazed Black Cat from just simply sitting down and first drawing out a square and sort cartooning it to look like it does now. Then I just began drawing out the body until I got the look I wanted; and then I created the pattern. I can make this pattern as small or as large as I want it just depends on the mood. In this case I was feeling a be crazed when I created this Halloween cat.
I had some wild and very neat craft fleece, some orange and black plaid cotton fabric, buttons that just had to be miss matched and green embroidery floss, along with a bit of fiber fill. I love how he came out looking just a bit crazed for this up coming Halloween. You can find him here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finished 19x18 Halloween Wall hanging Quilt

I have finished this cute 19x18 wall hanging quilt just a few days ago and it is all my original design; by that I mean I created the scene using no patterns but just my own idea. You can also find it in my art fire store here

The fabrics I have used in this quilt are mostly cotton Halloween fabrics but I did use a little felt for the tombstones and the gray clouds. The fence and pumpkin are broad cloth and I have used warm and natural for the center with a great cotton Halloween fabric for backing.
What else that makes this quilt different is it is a bit dimensional with the ghosts that are floating about in the grave yard. The ghosts are a bit of fiber fill with cheese cloth and sewn on by hand with a heavy quilting thread. I made the quilt on the sewing machine using black cotton thread and several different designs, some were the blanket stitch and the rick rack stitch. I also took some acrylic paint and gave the tree some personality along with the dark orange pumpkin, I think this quilt will make an cute Halloween decor in any place and I just love whacking out Halloween wall quilts any time of the day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recycled sweater into 10 inch bear rag cloth doll animal

I decided to use my imagination in that, I had a old sweater just wasting away; so I thought hmmm... what could I create out of this sweater?
Well I decide to cut up the sweater and turn it into a 10 inch bear. What did was use a pattern I created for making small bears. I cut out all the pieces for the bear and soaked the pieces in some of my very special stain that I created. I wanted the staining to stay set in so I bake all the cut out pieces in my oven at 200 degrees.
I have filled him with fiber fill and added a black bead nose and black button eyes, his arms and legs are hand sewn on using a nice heavy quilting thread. After I had him all put together I took a small piece of light sand paper and roughed up the sweater a little more. He really is not for small kids, but for us adults who love little bears and I have him in my art fire store here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss Dressup, a 16 inch Rag Cloth Doll

It is Miss Dressup and she is my latest design, I had lots of fun creating her. Miss Dressup is 16 inches long and her body is muslin that has been just slightly stained with my special staining sauce as I like to call it.
She is filled with fiber fill and I have designed and painted on her facial features using acrylic paints, I have also used a sealer. I wanted this time just to make her a tiny bit aged in the facial features and on the body.
I did not stain the clothing or her hair this time, her cloths are some very nice cotton fabrics and I used a brown yarn for hair and hand sewed it into the head of the doll. I wanted to make look as if she wanted to play dress up so I found and old purple neck scarf and tore some it to look as if she has a fancy feather frill around her neck.
I have just recently opened up another store at Esty and you will find her there at

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Piddles the Primitive 15 inch Witch

Piddles is from a simple pattern that I created and can design many different dolls.
But for now I will just talk about Piddles; the body is muslin and I have aged it by using cinnamon and a sealer. She is filled with fiber fill and I have hand sewn the legs and hands onto her. I have designed her facial features by using black embroidery thread, black beads, dark red/orange broad cloth for her nose. As you might notice her eyes are off a bit, yes I planned it that way just to add more personality to her. The hair of the doll is a heavy black thread that I have sew through the head and knotted; there is powdered blush also added to her cheeks and her clothes are Halloween cotton fabrics. I also used acrylics to paint her stockings and the shoes. Instead of adding her here to purchase just click on the link and it will take to into my studio and to Piddles

Monday, September 6, 2010

18 Inch Rag Cloth Doll, made from a vintage pattern

This is Bell an 18 inch rag cloth doll made from muslin and filled with fiber fill. Actually the body of the doll is muslin, the clothing is a few different fabrics; the shoes are a black broad cloth with the soles being a dark red broad cloth. Her under pants and under shirt are a dark red broad cloth.
The little jumper is a mixture of different fabrics as it was going to be a small quilted pillow, but I got to looking at and decided it would be neat as a jumper for a rag doll. Most of the pieces of fabric are just cotton fabric but there is a bit
of broad cloth in the cut out pieces. The pattern is from 1990 and so it is a bit vintage being that the pattern is almost 11 years old.

This is a close up of her facial features in which I have added some blush and freckles and painted the mouth with acrylic paints. The eyes are black buttons that are sewn in with a heavy thread, but I suggest she will be best suited for those older than 6 years of age. The hair is an orange yarn and has been sewn into the head with the same thread, there is some satin ribbons tied into the pony tails.
I will be adding here and to my Art Fire store for purchasing. The price for Bell is $ 16.00
She will be shipped priority mail within the United States.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Small but Fun Fall Time Pumpkins, original hand crafted fall pumpkins

I love getting ready for fall, and this year I am busy going head long into it with the creation of Herman the scarecrow and now with come wonderful smelling small pumpkins.
The pattern is one I designed to make this set of 3 small pumpkins that will look great sitting on a shelf or in the center of a table and these pumpkins have been rolled in cinnamon so they have a nice smell to them.
I just used some dark orange broadcloth, fiber fill and green dotted cotton fabric, and some color pulled apart rope for these pumpkins. The largest is 10 inches and the middle one is 6-7 inches, smallest is 5 inches. I will be adding them here to purchase and in the art fire store. One more item I did not seal the cinnamon in so that they can be rolled quickly in a small bowl of cinnamon every year to keep that wonderful scent.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Herman Scarecrow, a 16 inch rag cloth doll and orignal pattern design

Herman The scarecrow is my newest creation and just right in time for fall! The design of this doll is all original in that I created him from using a simple idea. Herman is 16 inches and I have used cotton fall fabrics to create the body, the head is muslin. He has black button eyes and a small orange pumpkin button for his nose. I have filled him with fiber fill and for his hair, legs, hands I have used a rope and separated it into strands for that straw look. I will be adding him here shortly for purchasing for that wonderful fall time that lays ahead.

Monday, June 28, 2010

16 inch hand made cloth doll animal dog called Strips

This 16 inch hand made cloth doll animal dog is from a vintage pattern I have, I have even used some second hand recycled polyester striped fabric that was just right for this dog.
I also added a little bit of brown craft felt to one of the ears and added black safety eyes and black safety nose. The ribbon that is tied around his neck and made into a bow is black and white with paw prints on it. It was a nice contrast to the striped fabric, the dog is also filled with fiber fill just to make him extra soft to all who are cuddling him. Strips is not really suitable for kids under 2 years of age even though he has safety eyes and nose I still feel he would be better for an older child. I am going to add him to the art fire store 49stocker

This will be where you can purchase him in a few days.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Paper Mache Pot doll, with dog; Mrs Peabody and Duffy the dog

This is Mrs. Peabody and her little dog Duffy, the doll is made from a paper mache pot and dog is from a small clay pot.
I measured out some cotton fabrics to decoupaged the paper pot and stained it to look a little grungy. I used a walnut stain for her dress and parts of the body. The little dog is just painted with acrylics and some felt was used to create the ears and tail; there is a little twine used for his hair.

I used cotton fabrics, acrylic paints, felt, twine, ribbon, lace, a small ball , hot glue, Mod Podge glue, sponges, orange doll yarn and walnut stain. to create this doll and her dog and most of all there were no patterns used. You can and also read more about it in my blog It's Just Frankly Kute.
The doll and dog are not for kids instead more for us older kids who just love any type of doll. The set is for sale here in my blog and I will ship priority mail within the United states, if you are outside of the United States and are interested in purchasing this set then please contact me first at and we can find the best shipping for you. The doll stands about 12 inches and the dog is 6 inches tall.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bubble and Elephants flannel New born Outfit done from an original pattern

This is an original pattern idea; that is great for making new born clothing. The reason it is original is that the pattern is my own design. It is a very basic and simple design that I came up with and I choose to mismatch the flannel fabrics for a reason that you get a more colorful look. Now I did not pre-wash the fabric for a reason, so that you instead can wash it to size for that new baby that soon will be coming home.
It is just a basic but cute outfit for those new born babies and quite colorful. The price includes shipping within the United States $12.00

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Strangest Black Crow

This week is it is the strangest black crow that is a plastic bag holder.
This one is my creation entirely no patterns were used to make the strange crow.
What I did do though is design how I wanted the crow's head/upper body by just drawing out on scrape paper and then transferring the design onto fabric.
The head of the crow is black broad cloth that I have painted on using acrylic paints and the design of the face is original; my very own idea. I then sealed the paint with an acrylic sealer and filled it slightly with fiber fill. Next I added the long bag holder which is a very cute cotton fabric design suited for a silly crow. At the bottom is elastic so that the plastic bags will be store tightly away from sight. You will be able to purchase The Strangest Black Crow here and in the price shipping has been added within the United States.