Friday, January 29, 2010

The Strangest Black Crow

This week is it is the strangest black crow that is a plastic bag holder.
This one is my creation entirely no patterns were used to make the strange crow.
What I did do though is design how I wanted the crow's head/upper body by just drawing out on scrape paper and then transferring the design onto fabric.
The head of the crow is black broad cloth that I have painted on using acrylic paints and the design of the face is original; my very own idea. I then sealed the paint with an acrylic sealer and filled it slightly with fiber fill. Next I added the long bag holder which is a very cute cotton fabric design suited for a silly crow. At the bottom is elastic so that the plastic bags will be store tightly away from sight. You will be able to purchase The Strangest Black Crow here and in the price shipping has been added within the United States.

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