Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recycled sweater into 10 inch bear rag cloth doll animal

I decided to use my imagination in that, I had a old sweater just wasting away; so I thought hmmm... what could I create out of this sweater?
Well I decide to cut up the sweater and turn it into a 10 inch bear. What did was use a pattern I created for making small bears. I cut out all the pieces for the bear and soaked the pieces in some of my very special stain that I created. I wanted the staining to stay set in so I bake all the cut out pieces in my oven at 200 degrees.
I have filled him with fiber fill and added a black bead nose and black button eyes, his arms and legs are hand sewn on using a nice heavy quilting thread. After I had him all put together I took a small piece of light sand paper and roughed up the sweater a little more. He really is not for small kids, but for us adults who love little bears and I have him in my art fire store here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miss Dressup, a 16 inch Rag Cloth Doll

It is Miss Dressup and she is my latest design, I had lots of fun creating her. Miss Dressup is 16 inches long and her body is muslin that has been just slightly stained with my special staining sauce as I like to call it.
She is filled with fiber fill and I have designed and painted on her facial features using acrylic paints, I have also used a sealer. I wanted this time just to make her a tiny bit aged in the facial features and on the body.
I did not stain the clothing or her hair this time, her cloths are some very nice cotton fabrics and I used a brown yarn for hair and hand sewed it into the head of the doll. I wanted to make look as if she wanted to play dress up so I found and old purple neck scarf and tore some it to look as if she has a fancy feather frill around her neck.
I have just recently opened up another store at Esty and you will find her there at

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Piddles the Primitive 15 inch Witch

Piddles is from a simple pattern that I created and can design many different dolls.
But for now I will just talk about Piddles; the body is muslin and I have aged it by using cinnamon and a sealer. She is filled with fiber fill and I have hand sewn the legs and hands onto her. I have designed her facial features by using black embroidery thread, black beads, dark red/orange broad cloth for her nose. As you might notice her eyes are off a bit, yes I planned it that way just to add more personality to her. The hair of the doll is a heavy black thread that I have sew through the head and knotted; there is powdered blush also added to her cheeks and her clothes are Halloween cotton fabrics. I also used acrylics to paint her stockings and the shoes. Instead of adding her here to purchase just click on the link and it will take to into my studio and to Piddles

Monday, September 6, 2010

18 Inch Rag Cloth Doll, made from a vintage pattern

This is Bell an 18 inch rag cloth doll made from muslin and filled with fiber fill. Actually the body of the doll is muslin, the clothing is a few different fabrics; the shoes are a black broad cloth with the soles being a dark red broad cloth. Her under pants and under shirt are a dark red broad cloth.
The little jumper is a mixture of different fabrics as it was going to be a small quilted pillow, but I got to looking at and decided it would be neat as a jumper for a rag doll. Most of the pieces of fabric are just cotton fabric but there is a bit
of broad cloth in the cut out pieces. The pattern is from 1990 and so it is a bit vintage being that the pattern is almost 11 years old.

This is a close up of her facial features in which I have added some blush and freckles and painted the mouth with acrylic paints. The eyes are black buttons that are sewn in with a heavy thread, but I suggest she will be best suited for those older than 6 years of age. The hair is an orange yarn and has been sewn into the head with the same thread, there is some satin ribbons tied into the pony tails.
I will be adding here and to my Art Fire store for purchasing. The price for Bell is $ 16.00
She will be shipped priority mail within the United States.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Small but Fun Fall Time Pumpkins, original hand crafted fall pumpkins

I love getting ready for fall, and this year I am busy going head long into it with the creation of Herman the scarecrow and now with come wonderful smelling small pumpkins.
The pattern is one I designed to make this set of 3 small pumpkins that will look great sitting on a shelf or in the center of a table and these pumpkins have been rolled in cinnamon so they have a nice smell to them.
I just used some dark orange broadcloth, fiber fill and green dotted cotton fabric, and some color pulled apart rope for these pumpkins. The largest is 10 inches and the middle one is 6-7 inches, smallest is 5 inches. I will be adding them here to purchase and in the art fire store. One more item I did not seal the cinnamon in so that they can be rolled quickly in a small bowl of cinnamon every year to keep that wonderful scent.