Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Piddles the Primitive 15 inch Witch

Piddles is from a simple pattern that I created and can design many different dolls.
But for now I will just talk about Piddles; the body is muslin and I have aged it by using cinnamon and a sealer. She is filled with fiber fill and I have hand sewn the legs and hands onto her. I have designed her facial features by using black embroidery thread, black beads, dark red/orange broad cloth for her nose. As you might notice her eyes are off a bit, yes I planned it that way just to add more personality to her. The hair of the doll is a heavy black thread that I have sew through the head and knotted; there is powdered blush also added to her cheeks and her clothes are Halloween cotton fabrics. I also used acrylics to paint her stockings and the shoes. Instead of adding her here to purchase just click on the link and it will take to into my studio and to Piddles

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