Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recycled sweater into 10 inch bear rag cloth doll animal

I decided to use my imagination in that, I had a old sweater just wasting away; so I thought hmmm... what could I create out of this sweater?
Well I decide to cut up the sweater and turn it into a 10 inch bear. What did was use a pattern I created for making small bears. I cut out all the pieces for the bear and soaked the pieces in some of my very special stain that I created. I wanted the staining to stay set in so I bake all the cut out pieces in my oven at 200 degrees.
I have filled him with fiber fill and added a black bead nose and black button eyes, his arms and legs are hand sewn on using a nice heavy quilting thread. After I had him all put together I took a small piece of light sand paper and roughed up the sweater a little more. He really is not for small kids, but for us adults who love little bears and I have him in my art fire store here