Friday, September 3, 2010

Small but Fun Fall Time Pumpkins, original hand crafted fall pumpkins

I love getting ready for fall, and this year I am busy going head long into it with the creation of Herman the scarecrow and now with come wonderful smelling small pumpkins.
The pattern is one I designed to make this set of 3 small pumpkins that will look great sitting on a shelf or in the center of a table and these pumpkins have been rolled in cinnamon so they have a nice smell to them.
I just used some dark orange broadcloth, fiber fill and green dotted cotton fabric, and some color pulled apart rope for these pumpkins. The largest is 10 inches and the middle one is 6-7 inches, smallest is 5 inches. I will be adding them here to purchase and in the art fire store. One more item I did not seal the cinnamon in so that they can be rolled quickly in a small bowl of cinnamon every year to keep that wonderful scent.

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