Thursday, October 28, 2010

24 inch Etta The Little Want to be Witch rag cloth doll

Etta is a 24 inch rag cloth doll who is learning to become a witch; I created Etta last year and I have talked about her in my other blog. But I just can't help talking about her again as she is one of my favorite dolls.
The body of the doll is a muslin fabric and I stained it with a dark wood stain and filled her with fiber fill. The clothing is cotton Halloween fabrics, Halloween flannel, and brown felt; The hair is a black craft yarn and has been sewn into her head, I have given her 2 black buttons for eyes but I made sure that I miss sized them for a better facial feature that gives her lots of personality. The other facial features are done by hand and using a black embroidery floss. Finally I added a cute cat button to the top and some very pretty black stain ribbon to the waist. I know she will bring a Happy and ghoulish Halloween this year! I will be adding her to my esty store in a day or two.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miss Kat Tales, a 26 inch rag cloth doll witch

Miss Kat Tales is a doll I created last year for my store, she is 26 inches long. I have created her out of various craft fabrics, those being Halloween craft fabrics, black fleece, some great orange plaid fabric, some of her body was made from craft velour, basically the head and arms.
The head, arms and shoes are filled with fiber fill and the hair is a orange doll hair and is braided and knotted, then sewn into the head of the doll using a good quilting thread. The eyes are green safety cat eyes (this is why I named her Miss Kat Tales) The mouth is a red heart shaped button, I wanted to give a look like she is puckering up for a big kiss and I have hand sewn the button to her face. I wanted to kind give the look she is an ugly and messy looking gal that could be a actual witch! I did sew a pumpkin button onto the fleece looking shawl and cut the strips and add black cording for shoe strings to the boots she is wearing. I also just love the over sized nose I gave her, she was lots of fun to make for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

14 inch Crazed Black Halloween Cat, a stuffed plush animal

I created this Crazed Black Cat from just simply sitting down and first drawing out a square and sort cartooning it to look like it does now. Then I just began drawing out the body until I got the look I wanted; and then I created the pattern. I can make this pattern as small or as large as I want it just depends on the mood. In this case I was feeling a be crazed when I created this Halloween cat.
I had some wild and very neat craft fleece, some orange and black plaid cotton fabric, buttons that just had to be miss matched and green embroidery floss, along with a bit of fiber fill. I love how he came out looking just a bit crazed for this up coming Halloween. You can find him here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finished 19x18 Halloween Wall hanging Quilt

I have finished this cute 19x18 wall hanging quilt just a few days ago and it is all my original design; by that I mean I created the scene using no patterns but just my own idea. You can also find it in my art fire store here

The fabrics I have used in this quilt are mostly cotton Halloween fabrics but I did use a little felt for the tombstones and the gray clouds. The fence and pumpkin are broad cloth and I have used warm and natural for the center with a great cotton Halloween fabric for backing.
What else that makes this quilt different is it is a bit dimensional with the ghosts that are floating about in the grave yard. The ghosts are a bit of fiber fill with cheese cloth and sewn on by hand with a heavy quilting thread. I made the quilt on the sewing machine using black cotton thread and several different designs, some were the blanket stitch and the rick rack stitch. I also took some acrylic paint and gave the tree some personality along with the dark orange pumpkin, I think this quilt will make an cute Halloween decor in any place and I just love whacking out Halloween wall quilts any time of the day.