Friday, October 1, 2010

Finished 19x18 Halloween Wall hanging Quilt

I have finished this cute 19x18 wall hanging quilt just a few days ago and it is all my original design; by that I mean I created the scene using no patterns but just my own idea. You can also find it in my art fire store here

The fabrics I have used in this quilt are mostly cotton Halloween fabrics but I did use a little felt for the tombstones and the gray clouds. The fence and pumpkin are broad cloth and I have used warm and natural for the center with a great cotton Halloween fabric for backing.
What else that makes this quilt different is it is a bit dimensional with the ghosts that are floating about in the grave yard. The ghosts are a bit of fiber fill with cheese cloth and sewn on by hand with a heavy quilting thread. I made the quilt on the sewing machine using black cotton thread and several different designs, some were the blanket stitch and the rick rack stitch. I also took some acrylic paint and gave the tree some personality along with the dark orange pumpkin, I think this quilt will make an cute Halloween decor in any place and I just love whacking out Halloween wall quilts any time of the day.

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