Monday, November 1, 2010

16 inch Crazy but Simple Cat stuffed plush animal

A While back about a year ago I had some really neat fleece that I purchased at Joann's; the fleece was brown with a design in the fabric which looks like some type of cotton thread or felt. I had been thinking about what to make out of this fleece? Then the idea came to me...
I decided to design a wild looking cat, so the pattern is my own design I wanted the pattern to be as wild as the fleece I had bought so I exaggerated the body of the cat and the ears. The cat is fill with fiber fill and has blues button eyes which I sewed in by hand and a blue nose that I hand sewed in with cotton floss and finally there is a dark blue organza ribbon tied around his neck, I also added a few whiskers using off white quilting thread. This crazy cat is meant for us older ones who have a heart like a kid and for children 7-12
You can find him here to purchase

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