Saturday, November 27, 2010

Griddles the 14 inch Loving Polar Bear, a stuffed plush animal bear

The pattern for the bear is my own design, I sat down and just began drawing out an idea for a small polar bear.

The fabric I found in a scrap bin in Joann's fabric store; if you are a fabric lover then you know just how fun the scrap bin can be as scraps of fabrics can be anything you want them to be and in this case I saw a polar bear.

He is filled with fiber fill and has black buttons and nose sewn by hand into the bear using a quilting thread, the reason I like the thread is it is strong and will hold up better than just a simple cotton thread.

I added some powder blush to his cheeks and a of glitter glue to his arm that states "love" the glitter glue is a dark pink in color, a rose colored glitter glue and the bow around his neck is a dark rose colored bow. You can find him here for purchasing

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