Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Painting, rock art and finally a Rock Cottage

One of my favorite things to do in crating is making these cute rock art or painted art rocks into cute little cottages. I love using acrylic paints for this and a good sealer. I don't draw use use any patterns for the rocks I just sit and think and start painting what I want the little cottage to look like, each one comes out so different, anyway that's what I think, I will add things to the windows, such as a cat, dog, ghost, person, birds, spider webs and spiders those are my favorite.
In this one I have added a spider floating down from the web and there is a doted crow sitting in a nest, I wonder what will hatch out?
I love the acrylic paint because it goes on very smoothly and is easy to work with, the sealer is a brush on and I like or prefer the brush on better that a spray, I get a more even seal using a brush on. I also wash the rocks and use just a bit of sand paper on the rocks to prepare them for painting and then I begin to paint free hand.
The little cottages can be used for decor or to hold a door open or as an old fashioned paper weight.
I have a little trade mark or identifying way to show its one of my creations and that it comes from Oregon and that is the address above the door!
I will be adding this one here and at my art fire store in the next few days, I love creating these rock painted cottages they are just lots of fun.

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