Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today's Doll 13 inch Ginger Bread Baby

This little 13 inch rag cloth doll is what I call a baby ginger bread doll, she is all my very own design. I have made her from a brown cotton knit and filled her with fiber fill. The facial design is all my very own and I have used acrylic paints to do the facial features and rick rack look around the head, arms and legs. The dress is a cotton blend with a neat rick rack design with no hem at the bottom of the dress, I wanted a ragged look to the dress. Her hair is a wool heavy yarn that I have hand sewn into the head of the doll using quilting thread. There is a also a green plaid bow in her hair to give some contrast. You can find here here
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very Special Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Come join in the Thanks to all the loyal customers out there and visit these great shops!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

20% Off in my Etsy Store Until the End of November

Howdy to all!
I have a great sale going on in my Etsy store all month
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I have been away for bit due to some serious heart issues, I have been battling high blood pressure and a racing heart. I am continuing to battle to get the blood pressure down and trying to find a way to see a heart specialist.
I intend to get back to crafting as soon as I can and clear up and feel better soon.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Howie The Black Cat in a Pumpkin, 14 inch rag cloth doll

Meet Howie the cat! This is one of my original designs; I thought of him by just drawing out an idea I had then I created the pattern.
Naturally he is filled with fiber fill and I have used some really cute cotton quilting fabrics to create him. His is recycled fabric from a corduroy dress I had laying around my house. He has button eyes and a button nose that have been hand sewn in using quilting thread there is some orange satin ribbon tied around his neck along with some whiskers created by using a heavy rayon thread. You can find him here to purchase:
I think he came out purr-r-rfect for Halloween decor.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Feature Rag Cloth Doll,The Little 10 inch Grubbiest Hand Made Rag Cloth Doll

Today I thought I would feature this little 10 inch grubby rag cloth doll in my blog store. This doll is created from Muslin and filled with fiber fill of course. But more than anything she has been stain and re-stained and baked and baked again. I with the first application stained with instant coffee and then baked in my oven for 200 degrees until dry. Next I stained again this time using the blow dyer, so that she would come out quite grubby. The hair is hand sewn into the head of the doll and I use a good quilting thread to do this, the yarn is a deep maroon, her cloths are homespun and I have rubbed cinnamon into the fabric. Lastly the facial features are painted with acrylics. I really had fun creating her and she smells wonderful you can find the purchasing details for her here:

Friday, September 30, 2011

15 inch Topsy Turvy Rag Cloth doll, an awake/asleep hand embroidery Felt doll

I created this Topsy Turvy doll from a vintage pattern that is an awake/sleep doll. This cloth doll is 15 inches long and is made from a light brown felt with fiber fill. Her facial features have been hand embroidered with a a heavy cotton floss and I have added powdered blush to the cheeks.
The hair is a thick cotton yarn and I have hand sewn yarn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread. On one side the doll is awake and wearing a lovely light weight denim dress with roses on it. The other is is the asleep doll and she is dressed in a flannel gown all ready for bedtime. She is child friendly for young girls 7-11 and for us who love a vintage rag cloth doll. You find find the purchasing details here...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss Sour Green, a 18 inch rag cloth doll witch

Meet Miss Sours Green a 18 inch witch, she is one of kind in that I designed this rag cloth doll by just cutting the body out free hand using some muslin. No patterns were used, just some creative juices flowing. After cutting the body out I painted the fabric with acrylic paints burnt umber, a touch red, with white to get the body tone I wanted. Then I created the facial features using oil pastels. The doll is filled with fiber fill and I added a stick in the body for the neck and head; the hat, and shirt are done with homespun fabrics and the skirt is cotton Halloween fabrics. I have sealed the facial features with a good acrylic sealer and the hair is a black cotton yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread. She can be a bit devilish and spooky and you can see it in those sour green eyes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Some items that are Listed in My Stores

You can find this cute Halloween Decor in It's Just Frankly Kute Productions, which has been move to Etsy instead of Art Fire. I closed the Art Fire because it was easier to have Maplea's Rag Cloth Dolls and Animals and It's Just Frankly Kute Productions in both the same place, I felt my one store was not getting enough attention from me so now both stores are on Etsy and I am happier. I did up this cute chalk board a few weeks ago and you can find it here:
In the photo below is a wall hanging quilt I did just finish. This Whacked out appliqued wall hanging quilt is an original design, created by me with the use of no patterns. I created this quilt by just simply cutting the shapes I wanted, the quilt measures 15 inches across and 22 inches long. I have used all cotton quilting fabrics in the quilt accept for the sheep which are an off white/cream colored fake fur. I have added all kinds of great decorative stitching on the quilt with the use of my sewing machine with a a white rayon thread and reason I used a white rayon thread was to create the idea of frost on the ground and on the tree. You can see gray sky as one would see a cool crisp fall day and the leaves are long gone off the tree along with the grassy hills turning brown. The sheep are attempting to keep warm and so they all are laying down on the hills as the frost settles in for the day.
The quilt is backed with quilting batting and cotton fabrics, I did not take pictures of the bamboo but it will come with the quilt to help hang this whacked out wall hanging quilt. You can find it here to purchase:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Giblet, a Ghoulish Witch, my First Witch for the Fall Season

A few days ago I got busy creating my original one of kind witch a in an attempt to get ready for the up and coming holidays. This is Giblet, she is 27 inches long and very colorful. What makes her one of kind is; she is my one and only, I designed using no patterns at all but just cutting out fabric free hand. I did the head and arms in onsburg and the dress, sleeves, legs in some Halloween fabric.
I stained and blew dried the head with instant coffee but I went away from acrylics to oil pastels with a touch of acrylic paints. In fact the entire facial features are done with no patterns just me sitting down and working with the pastels to create this look for her.
She has no middle section, but the little broom keeps her in the sitting position, I guess I wanted her to be a bit floppy and devilish looking with those eyes I created. I have used a purple cotton yarn for her hair and it is hand sewn in using quilting thread, also the legs, head and arms are filled with fiber fill. I have just added her to the Etsy store and you can find her here

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Rag Cloth Doll in My Etsy Store, 20 inch Pinkie Dots

I had a ton of fun creating this little 20 inch doll! I had some great colorful dotted fabric I just had to use to create her. The fabrics are light weight summertime cottons. The body of the doll is Onsburg and I did not stain the body this time.
The body of the doll is filled with fiber fill and the hair is a bright pink wool yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread also the legs and arms are hand sewn on by me using this thread. Some of the facial features are painted on and designed by me using acrylic paints. The eyes though are black buttons and they have also been hand sewn onto the doll. Her shoes are painted by using acrylic paints and there are some stripes painted onto the legs that are not seen in this photo.
I plan on making this little rag cloth doll up again and mixing it up a bit by staining her or designing some really cute facial features with acrylic paints, why I just might even turn her into a witch!
The price for this doll is $23.00 and this includes the price of priority flat rate within the United states.
You can also find her here in my Etsy store by just clicking on the link

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Little Scarecrow Men made from The Letter B

These are my favorite little guys! and so I thought I would talk about them again being it is almost time to start thinking about fall, boy where does time go already the back to school posters are up and I see some of friends already creating for fall; well now back to the topic at hand, I created them last year using no patterns, What? you ask! Well its true all I did was cut out a large letter B and went from that....
I used cotton fabric to make the body and muslin, and muslin for the head and hands of this little scarecrow. I place the muslin and cotton fabric together and drew the letter B on to the fabric, so that I had a top large B and the lower large B, then I sewed them together.
I then made the arms and legs from a plaid homespun fabric and fill the body, head, legs with fiber fill. I also used a twine for the straw look for the rest of the legs and hair on the doll. I did a tiny bit of soft sculpting on the mouth, added an orange pumpkin button for a nose, black buttons for eyes and painted some eyebrows and eyelashes. You can find this sweet Herman Scarecrow here for purchasing
This was one of my favorite projects to do because I just sat down and began creating not knowing how he would come out exactly, and that is the funnest part of crafting and sewing for me.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Milk Maiden, a Aged Rag Cloth Doll

This is the Milk Maiden; a rag cloth doll made to look aged, actually I just aged the body of the doll this time and left the clothing alone. I took one of my vintage patterns from the 1940's and created this doll, using a heavy cotton muslin and staining all the body parts with instant coffee and drying the the doll well, finally applying some light weight sand paper to the fabric. The outfit is cotton fabrics, the hair is a off red/orange cotton yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll. The facial features are my own design and I have painted the face, legs and feet with acrylic paints. The arms of the doll have also been hand sewn on using a good quilting thread, which I also use to sew the hair into the doll. The doll is 22 inches long, I just felt she looked like an old fashioned milk maiden ready to head out and get those cows milked in the early morning. The cost of the doll is $21.00 dollars, shipping has been included in the price but this is only for the United States, if you are outside the United States please email at so that I can find the best shipping for you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sad Little Silver, a 15 inch rag cloth doll

Sad Little Silver is a rag cloth doll that I created on my very own. I made her body from muslin and lightly stained and dried it using my favorite stain, instant coffee. I then filled her with fiber fill and painted her facial features with acrylic paints, the design of the facial features is my very own design. Her dress and blooms is a cross between light weight denim and cottons mixed together and I have also stained the fabric just slightly. The hair is a silver/white yarn that I have sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread and I have stained the yarn just a tiny bit that is why you see browning in the yarn. You can also find her here to purchase:
I want to mention that you can find links to my dolls and other hand made crafts by looking at older blog posts; there will be links that will take you to those items in either my etsy store or the art fire store, I am also planning on adding pages; featuring certain hand crafted items of mine that you can purchase right here. What I will do is add these pages and a pay pal button to purchase items. So you will always be able to find your favorite item here in my blog store.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Sweet Aretha 18 inch rag cloth doll designed by me

Aretha is an original design, in that I created the pattern for this doll and designed the dress and pantaloons, facial features. She is an 18 inch rag cloth doll made from muslin and stained with instant coffee. The coffee is 3 tablespoons and some water mixed together, then sponge brushed onto the doll and dried with a hand held dryer, so that staining is set into the doll. The arms and are hand sewn onto the doll along with hand sewing the buttons eyes into the head of the doll and I have also hand sewn the red wool yarn for hair into the head of the doll using a good heavy quilting thread. On this larger doll the legs have been sewn in by using my sewing machine and I have fill this doll with fiber fill. The shoes of the doll are done in black acrylic paints dried then sanded with a light weight sand paper; the stocking on the doll are also hand painted on using acrylic paints. The outfit is cotton fabrics and has not been stained. There are some buttons on the dress, just a white round button and up higher near the collar of the dress is a kitty button. Something extra I have done with this doll is to paint a heart on her chest with a arrow through it and signed it with a ps for pamela stocker. Aretha is one of my many favorite dolls that I love creating and she is for the age group 7 and up. You can find Aretha here to purchase;

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dina, Another 14 inch primitive Rag Cloth Doll Designed by me and in The Art Fire Store Now

These little 14 inch rag dolls are all my very own design. One day I sat down and drew out a very basic doll that would be fun to make and I do have a ton of fun creating them because each one comes out so different, sometimes larger, smaller there is just lots I can do with these dolls.
This is Dina she is 14 inches long and has been stained for the aged look of primitive. I have used muslin for the body of the doll and filled it with fiber fill. The I mixed instant coffee and water for the staining of the doll. I then applied the stain with a foam brush and dried the doll well. I painted the facial features using acrylic paints, and her shoes, legs are done with the same acrylic paints. The dress and bloomers are quilting cotton fabrics from my favorite sash. The hair is a thick heavy wool red/orange yarn that I have sewn into the head of the doll using heavy duty quilting thread. The last thing that was done to the doll to age her was to sand with a light sand paper. These dolls are not for small children because of the staining. The doll is more for decor for that primitive look. Find her here for purchasing

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in My Art Fire Store, a 16 inch flower rag cloth doll

This 16 inch rag cloth doll is plaid pansy and of course the reason she is called that is the petals are a rose plaid cotton fabric. She is now in my Art Fire store for purchasing here,
The body of the doll is made from muslin and filled with fiber fill and was sewn on the sewing machine accept for the arms and legs, those I hand sew into the doll using my heavy quilting thread. The dress is also cotton fabrics and I created the body from an old Butter wick doll pattern and followed it somewhat but the facial features are all my own design and have been painted on using acrylic paints, I also did not use solid colors as the pattern suggests but florals and plaids instead just to be a bit different. This was just a sweet doll to create for springtime!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 inch bear made of black flannel and pretty pink pastle flowers RoseBuddy the Bear

This is RoseBuddy a 16 inch stuffed rag cloth doll animal bear that was created from an McCalls pattern. You can find RoseBuddy here :
I have used a very pretty black flannel to create this bear and filled him with fiber fill along with using brown safety eyes and a plaid off pink/red bow for his neck. The nose is done by hand using a cotton floss that was a wine pink in color. RoseBuddy is a just a simple bear and pattern that I really enjoy doing up many different ways and the use of different fabrics is limitless to what one can do with this little 16 inch bear. RoseBuddy is in my art fire store so I hope you will stop in and take a look he is more for the age group 7-and older.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working on New Fabric Bowls

Gosh! it's March already, so it is time to get busy and make some new items and that's just what I have been doing. I have been busy making some of my fabric bowls, these are 2 that I have already added to the Art Fire store. The top picture is a larger fabric bowl that scraps of cotton fabric were used to create it and this is the link for it
The second picture is of a smaller fabric bowl and it also in my Art Fire store here
Both bowls were make by cutting the cotton fabrics into 1 inch strips and wrapping the fabric around cotton cording as I was sewing, most of the time I will use just a basic zigzag stitch depends on the fabric and what kind of design I want to create. These are just lots of fun to make on one ever comes out the same, probably because I don't use any patterns and just create and shape the bowl while I am sewing it on the machine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

21 inch Primitive 2 Way Rag cloth Doll; Emma and Peg

I just finished this sweet 21 inch two sided primitive rag doll a few days ago, she was also added to the Art Fire store here

I designed the doll, creating my own pattern for her; she is made from Onsburg fabric and filled with fiber fill. I also did some serious staining to the body using instant coffee solution but also taking a wet paint brush and dipping it into the coffee and adding more staining to help age the doll even more. I have also sanded the fabric using a light weight sand paper. The facial features are painted on using acrylic paints. I have named this sweet doll, Emma on one side and Peg on the other side. The dress and shirt are all cotton fabrics and have been stained for a very aged look.

This doll and pattern was very fun to create in that there are many ways to make this doll, for the holidays I plan on turning her into a 2 sided witch, I can create her without the prim look for smaller children, there are many ideas rolling around in my head on what next to do with this pattern.
You can just click on the link and find her in my store and see what else I have said about this 2 way doll.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Things a Dog Loves to do, a wall hanging quilt that has been Whacked Out

This is one of my most favorite wall hanging quilts I did up and I have talked about it before but I felt it deserved a second mention. I placed third in the local fair held here in Astoria, a number of years ago. I designed the quilt entirely by drawing out the little dogs and scenes I wanted; in the first window its about how dogs love to howl over anything.

In the second window its about going for a walk; being the owner of 2 small dogs and one larger larger dog I sometimes feel I am the one who is being walked. I used all kinds of fabrics in this quilt some of the fabrics have been recycled from old shirts or pants I had laying around and some of it was just scraps of fabric that needed to go somewhere.
In the third window it is all about that wonderful treat, which in this case is a large bone, now does anyone know of a dog that does not love a treat!

The last window on this quilt is about that wonderful nap in this scene it is nap time and this dog has his favorite blanket with a pillow. I added the snores by hand using a black embroidery thread. The whole quilt was whacked out, a form of quilting I love doing and designing because I don't use a bunch of serious measurement in the quilts, and I have created this one with the help of my sewing machine and a bunch of fun stitches. I hope you enjoy viewing this quilt again, and I think if you are pet lover there just maybe a giggle or two about this quilt.

Monday, January 31, 2011

10 inch Pig made from black and white dotted Fleece

What fun! I had making this little 10 inch pig; I fell in love with this fleece that I found and started making animals from it.

The first one is a pig and shortly I will have a dog, cat, and griaffi to add to this collection. I added 2 miss matched blue buttons for eyes to give some contrast and a large black button for the nose of the pig I need to trim up the eyes a bit and he will be finished. I used fiber fill and added a gold ribbon and some powdered blush to the cheeks of the pig.

This is the side view of the little pig that I think I will call Dots Mac Farm, I think the name fits him pretty good.

The view of his tale; I will be adding him to the Art fire store so be sure to click at the top where you are able to enter my Art Fire store and see Dots Mac Farm, the age group him is 7-and up.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recycling a Wool jacket in to a Way Out Decorative Pillow

I went shopping a while back at some second hand stores and found some old wool jackets and bought them for the purpose of crafting with them.
One day I created a small 17x21 pillow using the back of a wool jacket; I got creative leaving some of the seams in when I made the pillow. Then I had some wild fringe that I bought at a local crafting store and some wild animal print.
I just love the contrast in the pillow which I think gives it tons of personality and says I am one of kind pillow.
I did not use any patterns put just went along with my wild thoughts on creating this pillow. The cat is pretty much in the center with bright button eyes for more contrast and I have added some bright cat buttons and sewn them in by hand. I created this in mind of a young girl who happens to love brightness and cats.
The pillow took about 3 days to make and decide on the fringe and contrasting fabric, I love finding old vintage jackets, sweaters, sheets, fabric in second hand stores it just makes crafting so much more fun with what ideas one can come up with. I will be adding this pillow to the Art Fire store in just a bit along with some other items so be sure to check in at my Art Fire store to purchase this item and other goodies I have there.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vanilla Bean Bear, a cloth doll animal bear Created from Warm and Natural

This is Vanilla Bean Bear, a bear that I created a while back using warm and natural quilting batting.
I have also stained the fabric with vanilla and that's why this bear is Vanilla Bean.
I took a old McCall's pattern of a 16 inch bear used the warm and natural for the body of bear; then soaked the fabric in some vanilla and baked it in my oven at 200 degrees for the staining to set in and discolor the quilting batting just slightly. I then added a wooden round button for one eye and did some embroidery for the missing eye. The nose is just a scrap of cotton dark red plaid fabric that I had laying about the house. This bear is filled with fiber and there is twine tied around his neck with a bear button and a bright red heart button added for just a touch of color. The cheeks of the bear are a powdered blush. The bear came out soft to the touch and very nicely scented! He is more for those of us that are older and love bears, I don't recommend him for small children . I will be adding him to my Art Fire store in a few days so be sure to check out my store to find this sweet bear!