Monday, January 31, 2011

10 inch Pig made from black and white dotted Fleece

What fun! I had making this little 10 inch pig; I fell in love with this fleece that I found and started making animals from it.

The first one is a pig and shortly I will have a dog, cat, and griaffi to add to this collection. I added 2 miss matched blue buttons for eyes to give some contrast and a large black button for the nose of the pig I need to trim up the eyes a bit and he will be finished. I used fiber fill and added a gold ribbon and some powdered blush to the cheeks of the pig.

This is the side view of the little pig that I think I will call Dots Mac Farm, I think the name fits him pretty good.

The view of his tale; I will be adding him to the Art fire store so be sure to click at the top where you are able to enter my Art Fire store and see Dots Mac Farm, the age group him is 7-and up.

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