Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vanilla Bean Bear, a cloth doll animal bear Created from Warm and Natural

This is Vanilla Bean Bear, a bear that I created a while back using warm and natural quilting batting.
I have also stained the fabric with vanilla and that's why this bear is Vanilla Bean.
I took a old McCall's pattern of a 16 inch bear used the warm and natural for the body of bear; then soaked the fabric in some vanilla and baked it in my oven at 200 degrees for the staining to set in and discolor the quilting batting just slightly. I then added a wooden round button for one eye and did some embroidery for the missing eye. The nose is just a scrap of cotton dark red plaid fabric that I had laying about the house. This bear is filled with fiber and there is twine tied around his neck with a bear button and a bright red heart button added for just a touch of color. The cheeks of the bear are a powdered blush. The bear came out soft to the touch and very nicely scented! He is more for those of us that are older and love bears, I don't recommend him for small children . I will be adding him to my Art Fire store in a few days so be sure to check out my store to find this sweet bear!

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