Monday, February 14, 2011

The Things a Dog Loves to do, a wall hanging quilt that has been Whacked Out

This is one of my most favorite wall hanging quilts I did up and I have talked about it before but I felt it deserved a second mention. I placed third in the local fair held here in Astoria, a number of years ago. I designed the quilt entirely by drawing out the little dogs and scenes I wanted; in the first window its about how dogs love to howl over anything.

In the second window its about going for a walk; being the owner of 2 small dogs and one larger larger dog I sometimes feel I am the one who is being walked. I used all kinds of fabrics in this quilt some of the fabrics have been recycled from old shirts or pants I had laying around and some of it was just scraps of fabric that needed to go somewhere.
In the third window it is all about that wonderful treat, which in this case is a large bone, now does anyone know of a dog that does not love a treat!

The last window on this quilt is about that wonderful nap in this scene it is nap time and this dog has his favorite blanket with a pillow. I added the snores by hand using a black embroidery thread. The whole quilt was whacked out, a form of quilting I love doing and designing because I don't use a bunch of serious measurement in the quilts, and I have created this one with the help of my sewing machine and a bunch of fun stitches. I hope you enjoy viewing this quilt again, and I think if you are pet lover there just maybe a giggle or two about this quilt.

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