Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 inch bear made of black flannel and pretty pink pastle flowers RoseBuddy the Bear

This is RoseBuddy a 16 inch stuffed rag cloth doll animal bear that was created from an McCalls pattern. You can find RoseBuddy here :
I have used a very pretty black flannel to create this bear and filled him with fiber fill along with using brown safety eyes and a plaid off pink/red bow for his neck. The nose is done by hand using a cotton floss that was a wine pink in color. RoseBuddy is a just a simple bear and pattern that I really enjoy doing up many different ways and the use of different fabrics is limitless to what one can do with this little 16 inch bear. RoseBuddy is in my art fire store so I hope you will stop in and take a look he is more for the age group 7-and older.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working on New Fabric Bowls

Gosh! it's March already, so it is time to get busy and make some new items and that's just what I have been doing. I have been busy making some of my fabric bowls, these are 2 that I have already added to the Art Fire store. The top picture is a larger fabric bowl that scraps of cotton fabric were used to create it and this is the link for it
The second picture is of a smaller fabric bowl and it also in my Art Fire store here
Both bowls were make by cutting the cotton fabrics into 1 inch strips and wrapping the fabric around cotton cording as I was sewing, most of the time I will use just a basic zigzag stitch depends on the fabric and what kind of design I want to create. These are just lots of fun to make on one ever comes out the same, probably because I don't use any patterns and just create and shape the bowl while I am sewing it on the machine.