Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working on New Fabric Bowls

Gosh! it's March already, so it is time to get busy and make some new items and that's just what I have been doing. I have been busy making some of my fabric bowls, these are 2 that I have already added to the Art Fire store. The top picture is a larger fabric bowl that scraps of cotton fabric were used to create it and this is the link for it
The second picture is of a smaller fabric bowl and it also in my Art Fire store here
Both bowls were make by cutting the cotton fabrics into 1 inch strips and wrapping the fabric around cotton cording as I was sewing, most of the time I will use just a basic zigzag stitch depends on the fabric and what kind of design I want to create. These are just lots of fun to make on one ever comes out the same, probably because I don't use any patterns and just create and shape the bowl while I am sewing it on the machine.

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