Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Sweet Aretha 18 inch rag cloth doll designed by me

Aretha is an original design, in that I created the pattern for this doll and designed the dress and pantaloons, facial features. She is an 18 inch rag cloth doll made from muslin and stained with instant coffee. The coffee is 3 tablespoons and some water mixed together, then sponge brushed onto the doll and dried with a hand held dryer, so that staining is set into the doll. The arms and are hand sewn onto the doll along with hand sewing the buttons eyes into the head of the doll and I have also hand sewn the red wool yarn for hair into the head of the doll using a good heavy quilting thread. On this larger doll the legs have been sewn in by using my sewing machine and I have fill this doll with fiber fill. The shoes of the doll are done in black acrylic paints dried then sanded with a light weight sand paper; the stocking on the doll are also hand painted on using acrylic paints. The outfit is cotton fabrics and has not been stained. There are some buttons on the dress, just a white round button and up higher near the collar of the dress is a kitty button. Something extra I have done with this doll is to paint a heart on her chest with a arrow through it and signed it with a ps for pamela stocker. Aretha is one of my many favorite dolls that I love creating and she is for the age group 7 and up. You can find Aretha here to purchase;

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dina, Another 14 inch primitive Rag Cloth Doll Designed by me and in The Art Fire Store Now

These little 14 inch rag dolls are all my very own design. One day I sat down and drew out a very basic doll that would be fun to make and I do have a ton of fun creating them because each one comes out so different, sometimes larger, smaller there is just lots I can do with these dolls.
This is Dina she is 14 inches long and has been stained for the aged look of primitive. I have used muslin for the body of the doll and filled it with fiber fill. The I mixed instant coffee and water for the staining of the doll. I then applied the stain with a foam brush and dried the doll well. I painted the facial features using acrylic paints, and her shoes, legs are done with the same acrylic paints. The dress and bloomers are quilting cotton fabrics from my favorite sash. The hair is a thick heavy wool red/orange yarn that I have sewn into the head of the doll using heavy duty quilting thread. The last thing that was done to the doll to age her was to sand with a light sand paper. These dolls are not for small children because of the staining. The doll is more for decor for that primitive look. Find her here for purchasing

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in My Art Fire Store, a 16 inch flower rag cloth doll

This 16 inch rag cloth doll is plaid pansy and of course the reason she is called that is the petals are a rose plaid cotton fabric. She is now in my Art Fire store for purchasing here,
The body of the doll is made from muslin and filled with fiber fill and was sewn on the sewing machine accept for the arms and legs, those I hand sew into the doll using my heavy quilting thread. The dress is also cotton fabrics and I created the body from an old Butter wick doll pattern and followed it somewhat but the facial features are all my own design and have been painted on using acrylic paints, I also did not use solid colors as the pattern suggests but florals and plaids instead just to be a bit different. This was just a sweet doll to create for springtime!