Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Sweet Aretha 18 inch rag cloth doll designed by me

Aretha is an original design, in that I created the pattern for this doll and designed the dress and pantaloons, facial features. She is an 18 inch rag cloth doll made from muslin and stained with instant coffee. The coffee is 3 tablespoons and some water mixed together, then sponge brushed onto the doll and dried with a hand held dryer, so that staining is set into the doll. The arms and are hand sewn onto the doll along with hand sewing the buttons eyes into the head of the doll and I have also hand sewn the red wool yarn for hair into the head of the doll using a good heavy quilting thread. On this larger doll the legs have been sewn in by using my sewing machine and I have fill this doll with fiber fill. The shoes of the doll are done in black acrylic paints dried then sanded with a light weight sand paper; the stocking on the doll are also hand painted on using acrylic paints. The outfit is cotton fabrics and has not been stained. There are some buttons on the dress, just a white round button and up higher near the collar of the dress is a kitty button. Something extra I have done with this doll is to paint a heart on her chest with a arrow through it and signed it with a ps for pamela stocker. Aretha is one of my many favorite dolls that I love creating and she is for the age group 7 and up. You can find Aretha here to purchase;

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