Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sad Little Silver, a 15 inch rag cloth doll

Sad Little Silver is a rag cloth doll that I created on my very own. I made her body from muslin and lightly stained and dried it using my favorite stain, instant coffee. I then filled her with fiber fill and painted her facial features with acrylic paints, the design of the facial features is my very own design. Her dress and blooms is a cross between light weight denim and cottons mixed together and I have also stained the fabric just slightly. The hair is a silver/white yarn that I have sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread and I have stained the yarn just a tiny bit that is why you see browning in the yarn. You can also find her here to purchase:
I want to mention that you can find links to my dolls and other hand made crafts by looking at older blog posts; there will be links that will take you to those items in either my etsy store or the art fire store, I am also planning on adding pages; featuring certain hand crafted items of mine that you can purchase right here. What I will do is add these pages and a pay pal button to purchase items. So you will always be able to find your favorite item here in my blog store.