Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Milk Maiden, a Aged Rag Cloth Doll

This is the Milk Maiden; a rag cloth doll made to look aged, actually I just aged the body of the doll this time and left the clothing alone. I took one of my vintage patterns from the 1940's and created this doll, using a heavy cotton muslin and staining all the body parts with instant coffee and drying the the doll well, finally applying some light weight sand paper to the fabric. The outfit is cotton fabrics, the hair is a off red/orange cotton yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll. The facial features are my own design and I have painted the face, legs and feet with acrylic paints. The arms of the doll have also been hand sewn on using a good quilting thread, which I also use to sew the hair into the doll. The doll is 22 inches long, I just felt she looked like an old fashioned milk maiden ready to head out and get those cows milked in the early morning. The cost of the doll is $21.00 dollars, shipping has been included in the price but this is only for the United States, if you are outside the United States please email at so that I can find the best shipping for you.

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