Friday, July 29, 2011

My Little Scarecrow Men made from The Letter B

These are my favorite little guys! and so I thought I would talk about them again being it is almost time to start thinking about fall, boy where does time go already the back to school posters are up and I see some of friends already creating for fall; well now back to the topic at hand, I created them last year using no patterns, What? you ask! Well its true all I did was cut out a large letter B and went from that....
I used cotton fabric to make the body and muslin, and muslin for the head and hands of this little scarecrow. I place the muslin and cotton fabric together and drew the letter B on to the fabric, so that I had a top large B and the lower large B, then I sewed them together.
I then made the arms and legs from a plaid homespun fabric and fill the body, head, legs with fiber fill. I also used a twine for the straw look for the rest of the legs and hair on the doll. I did a tiny bit of soft sculpting on the mouth, added an orange pumpkin button for a nose, black buttons for eyes and painted some eyebrows and eyelashes. You can find this sweet Herman Scarecrow here for purchasing
This was one of my favorite projects to do because I just sat down and began creating not knowing how he would come out exactly, and that is the funnest part of crafting and sewing for me.

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