Monday, August 22, 2011

Giblet, a Ghoulish Witch, my First Witch for the Fall Season

A few days ago I got busy creating my original one of kind witch a in an attempt to get ready for the up and coming holidays. This is Giblet, she is 27 inches long and very colorful. What makes her one of kind is; she is my one and only, I designed using no patterns at all but just cutting out fabric free hand. I did the head and arms in onsburg and the dress, sleeves, legs in some Halloween fabric.
I stained and blew dried the head with instant coffee but I went away from acrylics to oil pastels with a touch of acrylic paints. In fact the entire facial features are done with no patterns just me sitting down and working with the pastels to create this look for her.
She has no middle section, but the little broom keeps her in the sitting position, I guess I wanted her to be a bit floppy and devilish looking with those eyes I created. I have used a purple cotton yarn for her hair and it is hand sewn in using quilting thread, also the legs, head and arms are filled with fiber fill. I have just added her to the Etsy store and you can find her here

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