Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Rag Cloth Doll in My Etsy Store, 20 inch Pinkie Dots

I had a ton of fun creating this little 20 inch doll! I had some great colorful dotted fabric I just had to use to create her. The fabrics are light weight summertime cottons. The body of the doll is Onsburg and I did not stain the body this time.
The body of the doll is filled with fiber fill and the hair is a bright pink wool yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread also the legs and arms are hand sewn on by me using this thread. Some of the facial features are painted on and designed by me using acrylic paints. The eyes though are black buttons and they have also been hand sewn onto the doll. Her shoes are painted by using acrylic paints and there are some stripes painted onto the legs that are not seen in this photo.
I plan on making this little rag cloth doll up again and mixing it up a bit by staining her or designing some really cute facial features with acrylic paints, why I just might even turn her into a witch!
The price for this doll is $23.00 and this includes the price of priority flat rate within the United states.
You can also find her here in my Etsy store by just clicking on the link

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