Friday, September 30, 2011

15 inch Topsy Turvy Rag Cloth doll, an awake/asleep hand embroidery Felt doll

I created this Topsy Turvy doll from a vintage pattern that is an awake/sleep doll. This cloth doll is 15 inches long and is made from a light brown felt with fiber fill. Her facial features have been hand embroidered with a a heavy cotton floss and I have added powdered blush to the cheeks.
The hair is a thick cotton yarn and I have hand sewn yarn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread. On one side the doll is awake and wearing a lovely light weight denim dress with roses on it. The other is is the asleep doll and she is dressed in a flannel gown all ready for bedtime. She is child friendly for young girls 7-11 and for us who love a vintage rag cloth doll. You find find the purchasing details here...

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