Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Some items that are Listed in My Stores

You can find this cute Halloween Decor in It's Just Frankly Kute Productions, which has been move to Etsy instead of Art Fire. I closed the Art Fire because it was easier to have Maplea's Rag Cloth Dolls and Animals and It's Just Frankly Kute Productions in both the same place, I felt my one store was not getting enough attention from me so now both stores are on Etsy and I am happier. I did up this cute chalk board a few weeks ago and you can find it here:
In the photo below is a wall hanging quilt I did just finish. This Whacked out appliqued wall hanging quilt is an original design, created by me with the use of no patterns. I created this quilt by just simply cutting the shapes I wanted, the quilt measures 15 inches across and 22 inches long. I have used all cotton quilting fabrics in the quilt accept for the sheep which are an off white/cream colored fake fur. I have added all kinds of great decorative stitching on the quilt with the use of my sewing machine with a a white rayon thread and reason I used a white rayon thread was to create the idea of frost on the ground and on the tree. You can see gray sky as one would see a cool crisp fall day and the leaves are long gone off the tree along with the grassy hills turning brown. The sheep are attempting to keep warm and so they all are laying down on the hills as the frost settles in for the day.
The quilt is backed with quilting batting and cotton fabrics, I did not take pictures of the bamboo but it will come with the quilt to help hang this whacked out wall hanging quilt. You can find it here to purchase:

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