Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss Sour Green, a 18 inch rag cloth doll witch

Meet Miss Sours Green a 18 inch witch, she is one of kind in that I designed this rag cloth doll by just cutting the body out free hand using some muslin. No patterns were used, just some creative juices flowing. After cutting the body out I painted the fabric with acrylic paints burnt umber, a touch red, with white to get the body tone I wanted. Then I created the facial features using oil pastels. The doll is filled with fiber fill and I added a stick in the body for the neck and head; the hat, and shirt are done with homespun fabrics and the skirt is cotton Halloween fabrics. I have sealed the facial features with a good acrylic sealer and the hair is a black cotton yarn that has been hand sewn into the head of the doll using a heavy quilting thread. She can be a bit devilish and spooky and you can see it in those sour green eyes.

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