Monday, October 10, 2011

Howie The Black Cat in a Pumpkin, 14 inch rag cloth doll

Meet Howie the cat! This is one of my original designs; I thought of him by just drawing out an idea I had then I created the pattern.
Naturally he is filled with fiber fill and I have used some really cute cotton quilting fabrics to create him. His is recycled fabric from a corduroy dress I had laying around my house. He has button eyes and a button nose that have been hand sewn in using quilting thread there is some orange satin ribbon tied around his neck along with some whiskers created by using a heavy rayon thread. You can find him here to purchase:
I think he came out purr-r-rfect for Halloween decor.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Feature Rag Cloth Doll,The Little 10 inch Grubbiest Hand Made Rag Cloth Doll

Today I thought I would feature this little 10 inch grubby rag cloth doll in my blog store. This doll is created from Muslin and filled with fiber fill of course. But more than anything she has been stain and re-stained and baked and baked again. I with the first application stained with instant coffee and then baked in my oven for 200 degrees until dry. Next I stained again this time using the blow dyer, so that she would come out quite grubby. The hair is hand sewn into the head of the doll and I use a good quilting thread to do this, the yarn is a deep maroon, her cloths are homespun and I have rubbed cinnamon into the fabric. Lastly the facial features are painted with acrylics. I really had fun creating her and she smells wonderful you can find the purchasing details for her here: