Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wild Little Miss Banshee

I just love how my paper mache' doll came out and I am a little late talking about her but still I want to share about her.  I created her for either St. Paddy's Day or Halloween.  I used 2 large balloons to get this doll started and mind you she is only for decor.  I torn strips of news paper and half water and mod podge to create her.  I painted the body black with acrylic paint and the head a dark green.  The facial features are also acrylic and the design of the face is painted free hand by me.   I added hair and it's a dark wool yard that is hot glued to the head of the doll.  I sewed the dress from some neat cotton fabric and gave her a fake fur wrap.  Miss Banshee is 14 inches tall.  She is not for small children but more for Halloween decor or St. Paddy's Day.  She is a one of kind in that I can only do her one time, no patterns were used to make her.  She is now in my Etsy store here

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