Thursday, May 17, 2012

14 inch Grubbiest Rag Cloth Doll "Ella-dewdrop"

This has to be one of my all time patterns, for a rag cloth doll. The pattern I have used is from 1960 and is very simple. I did do a few things different when I made this doll, first she is made from Warm and Natural and I have stained the fabric with coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. Next I did a little bit of hand embroidery on her such as the nose, mouth and eye lashes. The hair is a dark orange cotton yarn and I have hand sewn it into the head of the doll using quilting thread. She has black button eyes and the out fit is cotton fabrics. She smells wonderful and is sweet and soft. She is not for small children but for us doll lovers who love grubby. She is $18.00 and shipping within the United States is $9.00