Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss Bee and and Miss Tattered 15 inch Grubby rag cloth doll

Good late afternoon! I am spending part of my day outside, finally the Oregon coast has some sun shine! I was wondering where summer went?  As I have been sun bathing, I have been coming in and working on things here and there and one things of course is my blog.
Today it's about one of my favorite 15 inch rag cloth dolls that I have tried to make as grubby as I can, she did come out pretty grubby but she could be more grubby.  She or I should say her body is made from Onasburg and I have filled her with fiber fill.  I have painted the facial features of both dolls with acrylic paints and the hair is a wool yarn.  I just love this yarn! just had to say it!  I hand sew the hair in using quilting thread and it holds up well.  Next I have stained both dolls with my super sauce of coffee, tiny bit of water, cinnamon and vanilla and then I sponge brush it onto my dolls.   Sometimes I just let the dolls dry naturally or I bake them and also use a blow dryer on them.  In the 2 pictures that I show, I am blow drying her and staining.  I will blow dry then stain and dry and stain doing this process as much I want and how dark I want or grubby looking.  The clothing is cotton fabrics and I did not stain those as much as I did the bodies.  Miss Tattered and Bee are in my Etsy store here
You can purchase them there and the price is $18.00 and shipping in the United States is $9.00
Well I am off to sit out in the yard and enjoy the sunshine a little longer, hmmm... wonder if my little dog Oreo will join me, she is sleeping behind my chair as I write this and snoring away, I will try to sneak away as not to bother her sleep, you all have a wonderful week! be sure to come check out my 2 Etsy stores and my other blog It's Just Frankly Kute   in it I am talking about some news things I have just finished.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flannel Woods The Bear, a rag cloth doll animal Bear

Today I am featuring a bear I made up a while back using some cotton flannel.  I love flannel and bought this thinking I was going to make a quilt but instead I decided on a bear, a 15 inch bear using a really nice McCall's pattern.  The fabric reminded of the woods and a log cabin with bears in the neighborhood.  The bear is filled with my favorite fiber fill and I have hand embroidered the nose with black cotton floss.  The eyes are blue safety eyes which make him okay for kids around the age of 7 and up.  I added some light gold ribbon around his neck.  I think he came out fair, and yes the eyes are a little off, I don't know why I just like to do that on purpose! guess I like a little bit of character to my animals.  I mean we humans are flawed if you can believe it one of my eye lids is higher that the other.
He is in my Etsy store and he is $29.00 and shipping in the United States is $7.00.  My stores are