Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flannel Woods The Bear, a rag cloth doll animal Bear

Today I am featuring a bear I made up a while back using some cotton flannel.  I love flannel and bought this thinking I was going to make a quilt but instead I decided on a bear, a 15 inch bear using a really nice McCall's pattern.  The fabric reminded of the woods and a log cabin with bears in the neighborhood.  The bear is filled with my favorite fiber fill and I have hand embroidered the nose with black cotton floss.  The eyes are blue safety eyes which make him okay for kids around the age of 7 and up.  I added some light gold ribbon around his neck.  I think he came out fair, and yes the eyes are a little off, I don't know why I just like to do that on purpose! guess I like a little bit of character to my animals.  I mean we humans are flawed if you can believe it one of my eye lids is higher that the other.
He is in my Etsy store and he is $29.00 and shipping in the United States is $7.00.  My stores are

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