Friday, December 28, 2012

Special Ordered Rag Cloth Doll Completed

Happy New Year to everyone!  I am sorry that I have been away from this blog for sometime now but that will change just as some of the looks on this blog will change.
This Christmas I had another special order for a doll I have designed and created all on my own and her name is Katty and she is in my Etsy store call Mapela's Rag Cloth Dolls & Animals, you can special order this doll and I am happy to make her up for you.  This time I used a dark muslin and a whole lot of different buttons and she came out looking fairly cute.
She is filled with fiber fill and I have sewn the buttons, arms, legs and hair into the doll.  The facial features are acrylic paints and the dress is a cotton paisley fabric that has been stained with my favorite sauce.  I have also stained the body of the doll and baked her in the oven for some really good stains on her entire body.  She is 16 inches long and the pattern is my own design.
I kind have decided to also talk and add my other crafts along into this blog rather than just keeping it all dolls.  I have all kinds of crafts dolls and animals I would love to share with you and I am also thinking about having contests and giveaways on this blog as well as my other blog  I am also going to show and add pay pal buttons to my items along the side of this blog to let you all see what's new and old on my blog. 
I am wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and may your homes be filled with many blessing this coming new year.