Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Crating is going on in my Home

Good day! to everyone I know, I know! I have been quite naughty at posting so today I am finally getting some posting done on both blogs and work done in my Etsy stores!
In the first picture its one of my painted plates I went a little more serious for this one and I used oil based acrylics and then baked the plate in the oven at a low temp for about 20-30 min.  This seals the acrylics in better.  The roses are all my own design and I drew first using a acrylic paint marker for fine detail and then added in all the other colors.  I am also using an 11 inch white plate. I have been having lots of fun with my painted plates and you can check out more here
In the next photos I am working on a 25 inch rag cloth doll I finished my staining and added the hair, facial features soon I will have the outfit done.  The is filled with fiber fill and I am staining with a walnut stain.  I have painted the facial features with acrylic and oil pastels, the shoes and socks are done in acrylic oils.  I am now also working some other projects, some painted soap dispenser's and another doll and more plates!