Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teak a Around about Small Rag cloth Doll for Fall time

It's shocking to find me posting again! yikes there must be something wrong ! (kidding) its about time! 
That I do more posting on this blog.
This is a new little round fall time rag doll that I have been working on; this is Teak.
This doll is my own design and I have made her quite simple.  I took some felt, clay, acrylic paints cotton fabrics, yarn and craft foam to make this doll along with a bit of hot glue.
I cut a large round circle and filled it with fiber fill then gathered it.  I cut some flesh color craft foam and free hand cut out hands and feet.  Next took the oven bake clay and baked it, after it was done and cooled I painted the face on using acrylic paints.  I cut strips of fabric for arms and hot glued the hands and feet onto the fabric.  Then I added a bit of hot glue to the head and added the blue colored yarn.  Teak took a couple of days to make but she was a fun basic doll idea I just had to do up.  
I am thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make this doll not sure if I will do a video or step by step pictures, but you know.... You all can let me know which you would like to see better by leaving me a comment on the blog.
Oh boy I forgot to mention her little basket is a small clay pot that I just covered with fabric.  I would love to here from you all about having a tutorial on how to make this doll so remember to leave a comment when you stop in, I have a bunch things coming up to share with you all so come back and check and see what is happening next! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Bana the Sweet Tooth Bear 15 inch bear animal rag doll

 Good Tuesday morning to everyone, I have been away for sometime now but that's about to change I hope! I have been battling my health again but I am gaining a little control over being Diabetic problems and the on rage of hives!  Both my Etsy stores are still on vacation and I will be opening them again on August 10th 2013.
In the mean time I have been trying to get lots done and this is one of my new dolls I have created this doll using one of  patterns the bear pattern to be exact.  I love this pattern there are so many ways to make this bear; but for now I used muslin and stained it with instant coffee and baked it in the oven at 200 degrees.
Then I began painting my very own facial features for Bana the Sweet Tooth Bear.  I used acrylic paints and oil pastels for the face and no patterns were used, I just drew free hand.  The outfit is also my own design, it's 2 separate cotton fabrics sewn together and then gathered at the top, legs and arms a type of rompers.  I am thinking about adding more to the bear, maybe a paper mache' box and making look like a bee hive so one does get a better idea that this little bear has a sweet tooth, rather than just leaving him with a large tooth!  The bear is filled with fiber fill and I have added some satin ribbons onto the bear.  He is a little over 14 inches tall and just so sweet! I think I will make more of him its a fun and wonderful pattern.  I thought of making a black bear using some fleece and so that idea is on the burner for a little later.  I have also been doing lots of quilting and doll making with 3 other new dolls that I will be sharing a little later.