Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teak a Around about Small Rag cloth Doll for Fall time

It's shocking to find me posting again! yikes there must be something wrong ! (kidding) its about time! 
That I do more posting on this blog.
This is a new little round fall time rag doll that I have been working on; this is Teak.
This doll is my own design and I have made her quite simple.  I took some felt, clay, acrylic paints cotton fabrics, yarn and craft foam to make this doll along with a bit of hot glue.
I cut a large round circle and filled it with fiber fill then gathered it.  I cut some flesh color craft foam and free hand cut out hands and feet.  Next took the oven bake clay and baked it, after it was done and cooled I painted the face on using acrylic paints.  I cut strips of fabric for arms and hot glued the hands and feet onto the fabric.  Then I added a bit of hot glue to the head and added the blue colored yarn.  Teak took a couple of days to make but she was a fun basic doll idea I just had to do up.  
I am thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make this doll not sure if I will do a video or step by step pictures, but you know.... You all can let me know which you would like to see better by leaving me a comment on the blog.
Oh boy I forgot to mention her little basket is a small clay pot that I just covered with fabric.  I would love to here from you all about having a tutorial on how to make this doll so remember to leave a comment when you stop in, I have a bunch things coming up to share with you all so come back and check and see what is happening next! 

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