Sunday, August 18, 2013

Featured Item for Sunday August 18th 2013 Dorky The Raccoon animal critter

Good morning! Well its Sunday and its my parents anniversary, its also my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!!
You all may know this critter, Dorky the Raccoon, you will find him here, to purchase just scroll to the bottom of my home page side and there you will find Dorky and the PayPal button, along with the button is the price for purchasing in the U.S and outside the U.S.  I took heavy duty quilting batting and stained it with an oil based stain a walnut stain.  Then I create the body from a vintage raccoon pattern I have from about 1968-70.  He is filled with fiber fill and I added some cotton fabric and stained it also with the walnut stain.  I have hand sewn the button eyes on and hand embroidered the nose and whiskers.  Dorky is 18 inches long and smells wonderful from all the staining he went through. He is $31.00 and that includes the shipping fee within the United States.  
I had lots fun making him and he is a little different from the average raccoon! Thus the name Dorky! He is not for small kids but more for those who love primitive critters.
Tuesday I will have a featured item, as Monday is my birthday and my time out will be to a steak house, I have already gotten my birthday present some buttons, fabric and other goodies! I am looking forward to using them!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Please Stay Tuned In Changes are Coming to My Selling Blog, Today's Featured Item The Black Bears of Oregon

Today I have decided to make lots of changes to make this more a selling website! So I am starting the changes I will have the quilts for sale, rag cloth dolls, animals and my other crafts.  I am going to be adding pages and paypal buttons.  The paypal buttons will come stating my original blog and my very first store It's Just Frankly Kute so don't worry when you are checking out and see the mention of another store rather than It's Just Krazy Kute Productions I am working on changing that too!  My main with be a featured item and today its this whacked out, applique wall hanging quilt.  The quilt is 18 X 20 inches and is called Oregon Black Bears on the Hunt for Black Berries! 
If you would like to know more about the quilt you can also go to
You can purchase either here or in my Etsy Store called It's Just Frankly Kute

Shipping and Handling

Monday, August 5, 2013

Quilt Planning and designing 2 Single wall hanging quilts and one that will be a Large wall hanging Quilt.

Howdy to all! its already August! where does the time go?  One thing about it, I am in the quilting mode.  The reason why is my photo editor has really inspired me.  I love that editor and what it will do to the photos I take.  These were photos that I took just in my neighbor hood, the first photo is of an old building that was either a cannery or where ships were working on?? not sure which.  I took this photo from the highway and did lots of different overlays and I plan on adding some neat quilting pieces to make it a wall hanging quilt. I will probably stain the fabric that I have printed the photo on to make it more primitive looking.

In this photo you are looking at the Lewis and Clark river, which is right by my home.  It is the boat shop in the back round.  I used a few different overlays to get this effect, the wow effect, watercolor, cartoon and sharpen.  This will also be a single panel wall hanging quilt, I just lover the coloring!
The last 2 photos will both be in the same quilt its 2 different views, in the back is Astoria Oregon and the Columbia River.  I love what the enhancements did to both photos the bright coloring and water color effect is just so much fun to play with I also love the Cartooning effect it really makes colors pop.  Now the task is to find some really interesting quilting fabric for these 3 quilts and I have been eyeing some neat fabric at Joann's and Fabric Depot, but I also need to head into a little shop for a look at the novelty fabric in this one quilting shop.
These are all sitting on the kitchen table ready to go looks like I need to go get busy today and for the next few weeks with lots more quilt making in the works!