Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You to all the Veterans!

I have to say thank you! for your service!
My family has lots of navy, air force and army!
Most from world war II; Korea, and Vietnam some were lost and some made it through and I am so grateful to all!
thank you all! you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Working on Christmas Decorations for Home and Recycling at the Same Time A Winter Snow Seal

 I had  some 18 oz. peanut butter jars and began wondering what I could recycle them into and I thought a snow seal.  So I primed the peanut butter jar with some gray spray paint and let dry for 3 days until it was very dry.  Then I began painting the fur with white, blue, purple, gray, sliver, brown acrylic paints these colors were used to make the fur on the seal.   Black and browns were used for the nose mouth and I used pink for cheeks.  I added red wire ribbon at the bottom and some pretty gold ribbon which is hot glued onto the jar.  I designed a goofy hat out of purple craft foam with glitter on it and added more ribbon, I also added the quilting batting to look like a bit of snow on the hat.  I though he would make a cute decor item to sit on a small table or on a shelf to help create a little winter cheer.  It was a good way to start recycling some those peanut butter jars that have been collecting around my home.  I forgot to mention that I soaked the jar to get the paper or wrapping off and to clean out that left over peanut butter, I also ran the jar through the top part of my dishwasher! This cleaned really well and made painting it easier and the jar did not melt.  He is in my store It's Just Frankly Kute already! so come check him out there are also some other goodies in the store that I will be talking about later on.