Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today's Featured Item a Painted Plate for the 4th of July

 Good afternoon to everyone its Sunday and raining on the Oregon coast once again!  Today I am featuring one of my painted plates.  I took an 11 inch white plate and painted with oil based acrylics and then baked the plate in the oven at 200 degrees to seal the acrylic paints.  This plate is my very own design and I have used some of the song Yankee Doddle Dandy on it with a little boy and his cute dog.  You can only use these plates for home decor so you can not eat off of the plates they can only be cleaned by using a dry clean cloth.  I have added the link above so that you can be taken to my Etsy store and there you can purchase the plate through Etsy.  The Cost of the plate is $ 10.00 and shipping is $ 9.00  so the total for shipping in the United States  is $ 19.00 and if you are outside the United States shipping is $ 20.00  so total cost is $ 39.00  All plates are signed by me and the year the plate was designed.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Way to Long for a New Blog Post and Now its Here so I need get to Clucking about What's New...

Howdy to everyone! I know its been way way a long time since the last post!!  Life just seems to have to many turns and twists for me at times.  I am really going to try and not let it happen any more.
Today I am sharing some of the chickens I have created!  The first couple of pictures are of my chicken bowl that I designed all on my own, using all kinds of cotton fabrics and I think I may do a tutorial on how to do this Chicken bowl.
In the next pictures its a large paper mache egg that I have converted into a chicken....
Yup! egg into a chicken I think I may confused the idea which came first the chicken or egg?  
There is a tutorial on how I did this here is the link for that in case you all may want to peek at it....
Right now I am working on a quilt and I have finished some dolls that I am looking forward to sharing with you all a little later on.