Monday, April 21, 2014

Love Those Painted Chalk boards

 Today thought I would share some my favorite painted chalkboards, so I start with the little lamb one which I have just finished and is in my Etsy store It's Just Frankly Kute.  This a small chalk board I found in the fabric store in the craft section.  I painted with oil based acrylics and I drew the scene freehand  using no patterns just an idea I had rolling around in my head.  This one celebrates summer.  Each chalk board is also sealed with an acrylic sealer.
   I created this set a while back for fall time and I used the acrylic paints and I always have different ideas on how to make my crows so I don't think I have ever redone the same crows, and they are fun there many ways to think about how a crow looks.
Cats too! they are tons of fun because there are so many different ways to draw a kitty and I try to draw just from my imagination but sometimes I will find a photo of my kitty ruffles and cartoon/draw from a silly photo I have of her.
I love lady bugs because there tons of ways to make lady bugs! and I finished this one just before St Paddy's day its very simple I just love the acrylics they work so nicely and all kinds of things!  I love sharing different ways to paint and chalkboards is one of my personal favorite things to do.  They can make cute home decor for the holidays or just for everyday.

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