Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Painting and Painting Finished Painted Items

Good morning from the Oregon coast as its morning as I create a post today! I have been busy painting all things of goodies!  So I am sharing all the completed ones with you all.  Some of the items I found at Good Will and second hand stores and some items are from the dollar store.  I have added some of the new goodies to my Etsy store It's Just Frankly Kute and I have now started to sell on Ebay I just kind of thought I would give that a whirl and see how it goes. The first picture is a little red tin box I am working on right now and I am using oil based acrylics to paint the tin box.  It is a little care free bee floating about celebrating summer days.
I found  some small plastic cutting boards in the dollar store and thought those would make cute holiday wall hanging decor.  This is one of the cutting boards that I have finished and its all about the 4th of July.  Once again I used the acrylics were are my most favorite paints and all the designs are my very own I am not using patterns to create the scenes

Finally the last the picture! I found these wonderful 15 inch wooden serving tray its a small tray that one might hold a glass of milk and cookies on it.  I have turned it into a wall hanging decor for summer time.  I have this item in my Etsy store and selling on ebay
I found the tray at Good Will and I painted the art work with oil based acrylics and sealed it with acrylic sealer.
I love going the dollar store, Joann's, craft stores, second hand stores and finding goodies that I can do my art work on because it widens the imagination on what one can think up to do art work on.

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