Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello to all! 
I know its been forever since I blogged about anything...
Life sometimes throws lots of interesting things in your pathway.
This week I am trying to update both blogs and keep them up dated.  I have been doing a little crocheting and I used a wool blend yard to create this small purse and change pouch for it.  I did a double crochet stitch and a single stitch.  I did not use any patterns, I sat down and simply began crocheting an idea I had in my head.  I think it came out sweet and I am going to add all kinds of cute buttons for d├ęcor on the little purse just to give it more character. 
Something else I am thinking about is changing the name of this blog, I am thinking about changing the name to Pamiela's Creations, or Maps shack of Creation,  Pamiela's Shack of Art.  It's just time for a change and I found a different way of spelling Pamela and just thought it would make a good change.